“In order to move with confidence in the world,
we need an image that suits us and our lifestyle.
It’s a task that requires a sound understanding
of both fashion and oneself.”

Margherita Perico

4 December 2017 Margherita Perico

7 Reasons Why Suitstudio Is Simply REMARKABLE!

Suitsupply, the men’s Dutch tailoring label, has just released a womenswear line, Suitstudio, currently available in Europe through a dedicated online store. And it’s amazing! As I genuinely
26 May 2017 Margherita Perico

Fashion At A Glance: Let’s Talk About Diversity

At a time when consumers are vocal about what they want to buy, fashion as a whole appears to be listening. The social issues of our times – a realism close to women’s needs, not to trends 
Dress Code in the Workplace
18 May 2017 Margherita Perico


2 Ways To Obtain Positive Return From Your Team Business environments are suffering the fashion costume evolution we are witnessing in our everyday life. But, do we still need set of rules specifyi
12 May 2017 Margherita Perico


Style Rules Are Changing, So Our Everyday Look Challenges STYLE REVOLUTION – I am happy to announce that the Spring/Summer 2017 trends abolish one of the most significant vogue pillars for the
27 April 2017 Margherita Perico

Authentic Personal Style: 3 Main Questions

In the last weeks, the topic of authentic personal style has been coming up in my life. It rose in class to deepen in a mentoring session with a private client. This issue led me to sit back and ask m
10 April 2017 Margherita Perico

10 Bad Feelings While Shopping

Emotions and shopping go hand in hand. You may have heard of retail therapy, the act of shopping and spending to improve one’s mood during a period of depression or stress. It is true. Some people c
23 March 2017 Margherita Perico

Dear Margherita, why do some luxury brands still offer poor customer experiences?

“Dear Margherita, While traveling in Italy for the first time, I spent a few days in Milan to shop. I had high expectations from the boutiques in the fashion district I have always heard. Unfort
21 March 2017 Margherita Perico

3 Scientific Reasons About Clothes Chemistry

Do you know that there is brain chemistry of our intense interest in clothes? Tell the skeptics: science is one breakthrough closer to understanding the reasons. 1. WE MAKE JUDGEMENTS Malcolm Gladwell
16 March 2017 Margherita Perico

Are personal flaws a real barrier to achieving an image goal?

37-year-old Martha B. is a math lecturer from Perth, Australia. In her e-mail, she writes that she needs my help to recognize her biggest shopping mistakes. With large shoulders and bust on a tall and
16 March 2017 Margherita Perico

4 main prejudices about personal style

Last week, in Milan, I was attending one of those dinner party held at a 4-star restaurant. I was sitting around a table with unknown people when a person asked me the crucial question: “What do you