26 May 2017 Margherita Perico

Fashion At A Glance: Let’s Talk About Diversity

At a time when consumers are vocal about what they want to buy, fashion as a whole appears to be listening. The social issues of our times – a realism close to women’s needs, not to trends 
27 April 2017 Margherita Perico

Authentic Personal Style: 3 Main Questions

In the last weeks, the topic of authentic personal style has been coming up in my life. It rose in class to deepen in a mentoring session with a private client. This issue led me to sit back and ask m
21 March 2017 Margherita Perico

3 Scientific Reasons About Clothes Chemistry

Do you know that there is brain chemistry of our intense interest in clothes? Tell the skeptics: science is one breakthrough closer to understanding the reasons. 1. WE MAKE JUDGEMENTS Malcolm Gladwell
16 March 2017 Margherita Perico

Are personal flaws a real barrier to achieving an image goal?

37-year-old Martha B. is a math lecturer from Perth, Australia. In her e-mail, she writes that she needs my help to recognize her biggest shopping mistakes. With large shoulders and bust on a tall and