Margherita is the lead author of the bestseller Professione Consulente d’Immagine; a fashion consultant for Allianz Bank, The Boston Consulting Group, and Inditex; an international speaker for British American Tobacco, and VSG Malta; the former President of the AICI Italian Chapter and a Jane Segerstrom Award winner.

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Margherita at a glance

Your career in key words.

Big dreams, fast paced, challenging, world travel and ever changing.

Your mission at Marangoni Institute.

Enabling students to find their own path by fueling their love for fashion and styling.

Secret weapon?

The three words that inspire my life: see. like the discovery of oneself; be. like the essence of oneself; live. like the creative expression of oneself.

Your most difficult decision in career.

Leaving an amazing and creative permanent position at Sony records.

Your best recognition.

That glimmer of light in the client’s eyes when they look at themselves in the mirror with their new image and say, “this is really me. Thank you, Margherita!”

Your most touching moment.

The enormous emotional embrace from Ultrachic’s creative director, Diego Dossola, after the fashion show in via Montenapoleone.

Your best career decision.

Beginning to challenge myself in unusual and exciting ways that allow me to grow and continue on this  journey of building my dream business.

Your greatest satisfaction.

The planning and management of a pioneering customer experience service for Zara Italy and watching it grow on an international scale.

How do you measure your success?

By the true impact my work has on private and corporate clients as well as students.

Your ideal client’s profile.

Someone seeking practical answers that are immediately applicable with measurable results.

What do you believe in?

You can be whomever you want. You only need to believe in yourself and start working towards it.

Your favourite quote?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Ghandi

Your coolest moment.

Witnessing the very talented Huishan Zhang win the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize.

Best piece of advice.

Dare to find out who you really are.

What do you not believe in?

That charisma is an inherent trait.

Who inspires you  and why?

My mother. The most energetic person I know. An amazing parent and dressmaker. A total inspiration.


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